Edgar Spalding

Credentials: Professor Emeritus

Position title: Professor Emeritus

Email: spalding@wisc.edu

Department of Botany
430 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Thirty interesting years brought me from a zygote to a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I spent the next 30 years working in Birge Hall – in the same office and lab, sitting at the same desk, and on the same wooden chair! Now it is somebody else’s turn. I hope they have as much fun and satisfaction in the role as I did.
Edgar Spalding
January 5, 2024

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Selected Recent Publications
Henry AR, Miller ND, Spalding EP (2023) Patch Track software for measuring kinematic phenotypes of Arabidopsis roots demonstrated on auxin transport mutants. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24: 16475

Che X, Splitt BL, Eckholm MT, Miller ND, Spalding EP (2023) BRXL4-LAZY1 interaction at the plasma membrane controls Arabidopsis branch angle and gravitropism. The Plant Journal 113: 211-224

Yoshihara T, Miller ND, Rabanal FA, Myles H, Kwak I-Y, Broman KW, Sadkin B, Baxter I, Dilkes BP, Hudson ME, Spalding EP (2022) Leveraging orthology within maize and Arabidopsis QTL to identify genes affecting natural variation in gravitropism. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 119: e2212199119

Geitmann A, Mulder BM, Persson S, Spalding EP (2022) Modeling the molecular structures and dynamics responsible for the remarkable mechanical properties of a plant cell wall. Faculty Reviews 11: 24 (PDF)

Varela JI, Miller ND, Infante V, Kaeppler SM, de Leon N, Spalding EP (2022) A novel high-throughput hyperspectral scanner and analytical methods for predicting maize kernel composition and physical traits. Food Chemistry 391: 133264

Deslauriers SD, Spalding EP (2021) Electrophysiological evidence of synergistic auxin transport by interacting Arabidopsis ABCB4 and PIN2 proteins. Plant Direct 5: e361

Yoshihara T, Spalding EP (2020) Reversing the direction of Arabidopsis stem gravitropism by altering two amino acids in AtLAZY1. Plant Physiology 182: 1039-1051