Marisa S Otegui

Position title: Professor of Botany


Website: Otegui Lab website

Phone: 608-265-5703

B119 Birge Hall and 401A Bock Labs

Ph.D. (1996) University of La Plata, Argentina
Research Interests
Cell biology; intracellular membrane traffic; cytokinesis; endosperm development
Marisa Otegui

Our research focuses on the regulation of vesicle trafficking mechanisms in plant cells. Our goal is to understand how cells control the flow of proteins and specialized metabolites between different cellular compartments.

Recent Publications

Lab publications in Pubmed

Chanoca, A., Burkel, B., Kovinich, N., Grotewold, E., Eliceiri, K.W., Otegui, M.S. 2016. Using fluorescence lifetime microscopy to study the subcellular localization of anthocyanins. The Plant Journal  88: 895-903. PMID: 27500780

Buono, R., Paez Valencia, J., Miller, N.D., Spitzer, C., Spalding, E.P., Otegui, M.S. 2016. Role of SKD1 regulators LIP5 and IST1-LIKE 1 in endosomal sorting and plant development. Plant Physiology 171: 251-264. PMID: 26983994

Paez-Valencia, J., Goodman, K., Otegui, M.S2016. Endocytosis and endosomal trafficking in plants. Annual Review of Plant Biology 67: 309-35. PMID: 27128466

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Chanoca, A., Kovinich, N., Burkel, B., Stecha, S., Bohorquez- Restrepo, A., Ueda, T., Eliceiri, K., Grotewold, E., Otegui, M.S. 2015. Anthocyanin vacuolar inclusions form by a microautophagy mechanism. The Plant Cell, 27: 2545-59. PMID: 26342015. Featured on the cover. Commentary on Bassham, D. 2015. Pigments on the move. Nature 526(7575): 644-5.

Kalinowska, K., Nagel, M.K., Goodman, K., Cuyas, L., Anzenberger, F., Alkhofer, A., Paz-Ares, J., Braun, P., Rubio, V., Otegui, M.S., Isono, E. 2015. Arabidopsis ALIX is required for the localization of the deubiquitinating enzyme AMSH3. PNAS, 112(40): E5543-51. PMID: 26324913.

Li, F., Chung, T., Pennington JG, Federico M.L., Kaeppler, H.F., Kaeppler, S.M., Otegui, M.S. Vierstra, R.D. 2015. Autophagic recycling plays a central role in maize nitrogen remobilization. The Plant Cell 27: 1389-408. PMID: 25944100

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Johnson, A., Bhattacharya, N., HannaM., Pennington J.G., SchuhA.L., Wang, L., Otegui, M.S., Stagg, S., Audhya, A. 2015. TFG facilitates COPII transport carrier clustering and early secretory pathway organization. EMBO Journal 34:811-27. PMID: 25586378