Simon Gilroy

Position title: Professor of Botany


Website: Gilroy Lab website

Phone: 608-262-4009

B117 Birge Hall

Ph.D. (1987) Edinburgh University
Research Interests
Plant cell biology; signal transduction; lipid signaling; tip growth; tropisms
Simon Gilroy

I am interested in how plants sense and respond to their environment and how these signals regulate plant development. The research emphasis of my lab is to try to understand these processes at the cellular level. We combine advanced microscopy approaches such as confocal microscopy with biochemistry and molecular biology to address a wide range of biological questions:

•How do roots and shoots sense and respond to gravity and touch stimuli?

•How does the root regulate its growth?

•How do tip growing cells such as pollen tubes and root hairs regulate their growth?

•How do the hormones gibberellin and abscisic acid regulate seed germination?