Cécile Ané

Position title: Professor of Botany and Statistics

Email: cecile.ane@wisc.edu

Phone: 608-262-6820

341 Birge Hall

Ph.D. (2000) University of Toulouse, France
Ané Lab
Research Interests
Molecular evolution, Statistical inference with phylogenetic sequence data, Computational biology
Cecile Ane

My research interests include statistical inference in molecular evolution for phylogenetics, inference for trait evolution, and associated computational problems. One particular area of interest is to detect what groups of genes share the same genealogy, and to use the distribution of genealogies across the genome to learn about past history. This area involves statistical issues of model selection, hierarchical modeling, and it also involves computational challenges. Indeed, molecular data become available faster than appropriate methods of analysis.

I am also interested in using phylogenies to analyze trait evolution, using the so-called ‘comparative methods’. I investigate evolutionary models with adaptation, what to expect from very large data sets involving very large trees, and comparative methods on phylogenetic networks.

I welcome graduate students from the Botany program. Do not hesitate to contact me if your are a student with a mathematics, statistics or computer science background, and motivated to solve biological problems using your quantitative skills.

For publications, see here.