Plants in Space!


The Gilroy Lab will be sending an experiment to the ISS

International Space StationThis December an experiment from the Gilroy Lab will be among the cargo of the SpaceX Dragon as it takes off for the International Space Station. The experiment has been dubbed "Test of Arabidobsis Space Transcriptome" or "TOAST" for short. The goal of the experiment is to study how plants grow in microgravity and observe the impact that the space environment has on plant gene expression. The lab learned this summer that their proposal would be funded and have since been working with NASA to make sure that the experiment will perform well in NASA's standard "Biological Research In Canister" units or "BRICs".

The project team includes Simon Gilroy, Won-Gyu Choi and Sarah Swanson. They are keeping a blog to document the progress of the experiment, so please check there for more details and updates.