Botany 575: Australian Plant Ecology

Professors Thomas Givnish and Kate McCulloh
Weekly meetings in Spring and Fall 2018 / Field trip in August


Australian flora and fauna image

Australian plants and animals have long evolved in isolation, often under extreme conditions. We will explore the physiological ecology of plants along a steep rainfall gradient in se Australia, from some of tallest rain forests in the world to mallee scrub. We will visit a wide range of habitats and conduct research during a 16-day field trip to Victoria, complemented by lab work and writing papers for publication.

  • Open to undergrads and grad students
  • For Biology majors, this course qualifies as a category C lab course and may qualify as a CALS capstone course
  • Meets 2:30-3:45 W
  • Requires registration for 1 cr in spring, 3 cr in fall
  • Cost roughly $1600/student, substantially reduced by a generous grant from the Humboldt Fund
  • Optional side trip to Great Barrier Reef at additional cost
  • Registration requires instructor permission and will thus occur a few days after the application deadline of December 1

Applications due December 1

To apply, please download and fill out this form.