Biology Colloquium

Fall 2018

Most seminars on Thursdays at 3:30 in B302 Birge Hall

9/6 Alan Weakley
University of North Carolina
Assembly of the Native Flora of the Southeastern United States:
an Evolutionary Tale
9/13 Hong Ma
Penn State
Nuclear phylogenomic analyses of the Rose family and implications on evolutionary history of distinct fleshy fruit types
9/20 Jan Huisken
Morgridge Institute
Light sheet microscopy for biological multi-scale imaging inside and outside the optics lab 
9/27 Gay Reinartz
Zoological Society of Milwaukee
Assessing bonobo and forest elephant populations in the Salonga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo
10/4 Norm Wickett
Chicago Botanic Garden
Applying phylogenomic datasets to multiple scales in diverse organisms, from Onagraceae to mosses to diatoms
10/11 Anna Sala
University of Montana
Ponderosa pine survival to mountain pine beetle: growth rate tradeoffs, resin duct defenses and genetic drought predisposition 
10/18 José Feijó
University of Maryland
Ion signaling and reproduction: molecular basis and integrative mechanisms
10/25 Kate McCulloh
Department of Botany
The plant danger zone: assessing different strategies to deal with abiotic stresses
Weeks Hall-
Room AB20
Gonzalo Giribet
Harvard University
Another round of metazoan phylogeny: current progress and future directions
11/8 Warren Porter
P-GMO crops and pesticide use – unexpected relationships and risks to animals and humans
11/15 Pamela Geddes
Northeastern Illinois University
Identifying cattail species and their hybrids using molecular markers: lessons learned
no lecture
11/29 Jeannine Cavender-Bares
University of Minnesota
Diversification, adaptation and community assembly of the American oaks (Quercus), a model clade for integrating ecology and evolution
12/6 Veronica di Stilio
University of Washington
Reconstructing the ancestral role of flowering pathway genes
11/29 Thomas Givnish
Department of Botany
The Green Empire Strikes Back! Ecology and evolution of carnivorous plants