University of Wisconsin–Madison

Biology Colloquium

Fall 2017

Most seminars on Thursdays at 3:30 in B302 Birge Hall

9/7 Emmet Judziewicz
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Wisconsin Floristic Time Travel: Challenging the Invisible Present
9/14 Katrina Dlugosch
University of Arizona
The rapid evolution of introduced plants: genetics, genomics, traits, and trade-offs
9/21 Amy Alstad
UW-Madison Integrative Biology (Zoology) PhD candidate
Patterns and drivers of long-term plant community change in Wisconsin remnant prairies
9/28 Bruce Baldwin
University of California, Berkeley
Spatial patterns of diversity and endemism in the California flora
10/5 Hilary Callahan
Barnard College
Undergraduates Phenotyping Arabidopsis Knockouts (UnPAK): Merits and impacts of manual phenotyping in the era of automation
10/12 Julia Sigwart
Queens University Belfast
What species mean: Biodiversity dynamics in deep time and in the deep sea 
10/9 Richard Lankau
UW–Madison Plant Pathology
Macroscale consequences of microbial interactions: Fungal influences on tree range dynamics in a changing world
10/26 Leslie Turner
Milner Centre for Evolution, University of Bath UK
Genomics of Hybrid Sterility in House Mice
11/2 Carlos Eduardo Santibáñez López
UW-Madison Integrative Biology (Zoology) postdoc
The evolution of the peptide calcin family in Scorpion venom through a phylogenomic spyglass
11/9 Frederick R. Prete
Northeastern Illinois University
Cognitive Psychology to Interneurons: How Praying Mantises Construct the Abstract Category, “Prey”
11/16 Giovanni (Gio) Bosco
Dartmouth University
Dissecting mechanisms of social learning and transgenerational inheritance in Drosophila
no lecture
11/30 Daniel Rubenstein
Princeton University
Social networks and animal societies: linking form with function
12/7 José Dinneny
Carnegie Institution for Science,Department of Plant Biology, Stanford
Stressed! How plants cope through dynamic responses
12/14 Amy Litt
University of California, Riverside
Genomic insights into the diversification of plant form and function