Biology Colloquium

The Spring 2021 Biology Colloquium occurs on Thursdays at 3:30 and will be entirely online.

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January 28 Betsy Arnold Fungal endophytes from the tropics to the tundra: clues to the evolution of fungal symbioses University of Arizona
February 4 Kevin Kocot Old-school meets new-school: biodiversity, taxonomy, and systematics of microscopic animals in the 21st century University of Alabama
February 11 K Nargar Assembly and evolution of Australia’s rich orchid flora – phylogenomic insights James Cook University
February 18 Holger Kreft TBA University of Göttingen
February 25 Toshihiro Obata TBA University of Nebraska
March 4 Nicolás Mongiardino Koch Phylogenomic and paleontological insights into echinoid diversification Yale University
March 11 Gregg Howe To grow or defend? Mechanistic and evolutionary insights from the jasmonate signaling pathway Michigan State University
March 18 Daniel Matute TBA UNC-Chapel Hill
March 25 Kacy Gordon TBA UNC-Chapel Hill
April 1 Justine Smith Anthropogenic influences on the role of a top predator University of California Davis
April 8 Joseph Graves Science and Social Justice North Carolina A&T State University; UNC Greensboro
April 15 Ann Sakai Schiedea Happens: Multidisciplinary studies of the evolution of breeding systems in Hawaiian Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae) University of California Irvine
April 22 David M. Miller Wiring the nervous system: Turning off the wrong genes to build the right connections Vanderbilt University
April 29 Brian Atkinson Permineralized Cretaceous Floras from the Pacific Northwest Shed Light on the Phylogenetic Modernization of Terrestrial Floras
May 6 Adam T. Ford TBA University of British Columbia