Biology Colloquium

The Fall 2020 Biology Colloquium occurs on Thursdays at 3:30 and will be entirely online.

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September 10 Aaron Rodriguez Diversity patterns of the Mexican flora
University of Guadalajara, Mexico
September 17 Christian Schlötterer Observing the unobservable – the power of experimental evolution for discovery based research
Institute of Population Genetics, University of Vetinary Medicine Vienna
September 24 Kirsten Bomblies How to tango with four: adaptive evolution of meiosis in a tetraploid ETH Zürich
October 1 Rod Peakall The evolution of extreme pollinator specialization and its reversibility in Australian orchids
Australian National University
October 8 Asano Ishikawa Key physiological genes important for life history evolution in sticklebacks
Division of Ecological Genetics
Department of Population Genetics, National Institute of Genetics, Japan
October 15 Marcus Stensmyr Insect Olfactory Behavior: Molecular Mechanisms of Ecological Adaptation
Lund University, Netherlands
October 22 Marc-Ande Selosse Orchids that eat mycorrhizal fungi Mus Nat History, Paris
October 29 Rachael Bay Genomic basis and prediction of climate adaptation UC Davis
November 5 Gerhard Zotz Ecology of epiphytes, with special emphasis on bromeliads and orchids U Oldenburg
November 12 Moises (Moi) Exposito-Alonso Natural selection in the Arabidopsis genome and its consequences for climate adaptation
Carnegie Institution for Science and Stanford University
November 19 Adam West Pyrohydraulic traits that influence post-fire tree mortality or survival University of Cape Town
Dec 3 Kelly Monk How myelinated axons are formed, maintained, and regenerated using zebrafish Vollum Institute