Sowing interest in Botany at Science Expeditions

science expeditions photo montage

The Gilroy, Maeda, and Spalding labs participated in the 2023 campus-wide Science Expeditions outreach event on April 16. They joined five other plant cell and molecular biology labs from different UW departments to create a row of eight substations where families with children peered through microscopes, painted with plant pigments, or sowed seeds in a test tube to observe the miracle of germination at home. The stickers each participant received upon completing an activity combined to build a plant from the roots up. Despite it being a cold, wet, blustery day (April in Wisconsin!) the action at the tables was nonstop for three hours. Who knows if this act of outreach sparked some reaction that will make a difference in the future, but we know for sure that the chance goes way down if you don’t try!