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  1. Longtime botany greenhouse director Mo Fayyaz to retire

  2. Maeda Lab solves the mystery of the dual pathway to tyrosine

    Why legumes have two pathways to make tyrosine while other plants have one has puzzled scientists since the 60's.
  3. Bringing biologists and engineers together to improve crops

    Edgar Spalding's phenotyping center at the Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center aims to develop new ways to measure plants and address novel questions about what factors influence crop performance.
  4. Notes from the field

    Botany and ConBio undergrads share how their experiences have inspired their studies.
  5. Experiments test how easy life itself might be

    With funding from NASA, the Baum lab explores the origin of metabolism.
  6. David Baum receives Kellett Mid-Career award!

  7. Marisa Otegui is a Vilas Associates Competition winner!

    The award recognizes new and ongoing research of the highest quality and significance.
  8. Tropical moth alights in UW’s Botany Garden, a Wisconsin first

    Botany Professor Edgar Spalding spotted a white-tipped black moth, the first recorded observation in Wisconsin of the species.
  9. Spalding wins educational award from Edmund Optics

    This award will allow Edgar to enhance Botany 500 (Plant Physiology) lab activities with $10,000 worth of Edmund Optics products.
  10. Don Waller leads petition to give Venus flytrap endangered species protection

    The plants are threatened by a combination of development, poaching and rising sea levels.
  11. The Tree Detective

    The wood products industry is worth $150 billion a year, with much of that due to illegal logging of endangered forests. But Botany's Alex Wiedenhoeft is on the case, helping customs officials sleuth out which trees have been illegally cut.
  12. Double Honors to the Maeda Lab

    Hiroshi Maeda returns from PSNA meeting with two awards
  13. Pringle travels to New Zealand to talk about invasive fungi

    Anne Pringle recently attended a workshop on invasive fungi in Christchurch, New Zealand, where she began collaborations with New Zealand scientists to explore dynamics of invasive pathogens and mutualists, including the mycorrhizal species Amanita muscaria, which is spreading through New Zealand with wilding pines.
  14. Two Botany winners in the 2016 Cool Science Images contest!

    Sarah Swanson (Newcomb Imaging Center) and Duncan Smith (McCulloh Lab) are among this year's awardees.
  15. This Mushroom Starts Killing You Before You Even Realize It

    Anne Pringle features in this cautionary tale about the death cap mushroom.
  16. Joy Zedler to retire

    After 18 productive years as Leopold Chair, Joy will leave the department in August.
  17. Specimens from George Washington Carver discovered at Herbarium

    At least 25 specimens of fungi that infect plants were discovered in the Wisconsin State Herbarium.
  18. Partnering with NASA to grow plants in space

    A video profiling Simon Gilroy's research on the challenges plants face in space.
  19. Joy Zedler honored for lifetime achievement

    She has been awarded the prestigious Odum Lifetime Achievement Award from the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF).
  20. Mycologist says our close relatives break the bounds of biology

    Professor Anne Pringle's interest in the "evolution of cooperation," has led her to the study of fungi as "models for understanding how symbiotic species interact — how the relationship is policed and maintained."
  21. Poplars, perfumes, willows and insects: Understanding tree biodiversity

    Ken Keefover-Ring is part of an NSF study looking broadly at the ecological and genetic aspects of pollination among willows and poplars.
  22. Herbarium doubles in size, prepares for another century of botanical proof

    Aided by a $355,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, the State of Wisconsin Herbarium is going through a major expansion.
  23. Orchids’ dazzling diversity explained

    A team led by Tom Givnish has published a fully resolved, strongly supported backbone phylogeny of the orchids based on sequences of 75 genes.
  24. Botany Artist Emerita, Kandis Elliot, creates poster series depicting all Wisconsin fish

  25. Botany Garden: A riot of bloom on University Avenue!

    Located on University Ave. at Mills St. in Madison, Wis., the 500+ species Botany Garden serves research, teaching and the senses.
  26. Botany 575 students publish their research conducted in Patagonia

  27. Starved for fire, Wisconsin’s pine barrens disappear

    A century spent stamping out wildfires may have cost Central Wisconsin a natural setting that was common and thriving before the state was settled.
  28. Estella Leopold receives honorary degree from UW-Madison

  29. Ecologists at work in Lakeshore Nature Preserve

    Have you noticed those duct-tape-tagged trees in Muir Woods, between Bascom Hall and Lake Mendota? What’s up?
  30. Deer account for almost half of long-term forest change, study finds

    A study has linked at least 40 percent of species changes in the forests of northern Wisconsin and Michigan over the past 60 years to the eating habits of white-tailed deer.
  31. David Baum receives Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award

  32. Arboretum research making strides

    A compilation of research activities highlights work at the Arb
  33. Project prepares Herbarium for 21st-century challenge of invasive species

    Data will reveal movement of invasives over time
  34. Ken Cameron receives the Peter Raven Award

    Given by the American Society of Plant Taxonomists, the award is given to a plant systematist who has made exceptional efforts at outreach to non-scientists.
  35. Partnerships in science: Botany lights way for new microscope

    Professor of Botany Marisa Otegui led a unique, collaborative fundraising campaign to bring a new state-of-the-art Zeiss Elyra system, including a 780-confocal laser scanning microscope to the Newcomb Imaging Center
  36. Botany class travels to end of the world and back

    Chile trip inspires students
  37. Joy Zedler's work highlighted in Scientific American

  38. National Geographic interviews alumnus Jeffery Morawetz

    Jeffrey shares his experience in the DRC 

  39. New publication by Professor Cécile Ané

    analyzes herpes virus to confirm human migration patterns

  40. Gilroy Lab Experiment Orbiting Earth

    After thruster problems, successful docking at the International Space Station 

  41. Graham Lab participates in AAAS Family Days science outreach

  42. Madison Orchid Research Group represents at Orchid Quest 2013

    Comes away with prizes!

  43. Gilroy and Spalding publish in special Tropism issue of AJB


  44. Otegui's Research Recognized

    Professor Otegui receives a Romnes Faculty Fellowship

  45. Plants in Space!

    The Gilroy Lab will be sending an experiment to the ISS

  46. South Korea’s National Institute of Ecology (NIE) opens

    Professor Joy Zedler helps to inaugurate

  47. New publication from Graham Lab

    about Lake Mendota algae

  48. Tree Thinking: An introduction to phylogenetic biology

    a new book by David Baum and Stacey Smith

  49. Ken Sytsma elected president of American Society of Plant Taxonomists

    Congratulations, Ken!

  50. Big Bucky Bloomed in May

    watch the time-lapse video

  51. Botany students awarded

  52. Congratulations to Brian Sidoti!

    L&S Teaching Fellow Award recipient

  53. Spalding on NSF's Science Nation

    A short video about a research project in the Spalding lab

  54. Iochroma baumii

    A new species named after Professor David Baum

  55. Powerful new 3D electron microscope to arrive in spring

    Marisa Otegui and others win NSF funding for the new shared resource

  56. Mary North Allen passes away

    Mary was the widow of Botany Professor Paul Allen

  57. Emeritus professor Robert Kowal discovers a new species:

    a sunflower from Isle Royale

  58. Free app for identifying Wisconsin woody plants!

    developed by Botany alumna Catherine Woodward

  59. Botany alumnus Jim Fralish passes away


  60. The legend of Asahel Birge

    The namesake of Birge Hall turns 160

  61. Botany alumnus Donald Ugent passes away

    1933 - 2011

  62. Don Waller awarded grant for international field course

    Don Waller and Caitlyn Allen of Plant Pathology will develop the course to begin Fall 2012-13

  63. Welcome Hiroshi Maeda!

    We are proud to announce that Hiroshi Maeda will be joining the Botany Department as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2011.

  64. 2010-2011 Graduate Student Awards

    Congratulations to Botany students who received awards in the 2010-2011 school year!

  65. Botany Outreach Store

    Now Open!

  66. Sarah Swanson's SEM image of a cotton flower is a campus contest winner!

    Want to see what a cotton flower looks like when magnified 500X?

  67. Science Magazine and the NSF honor Kandis Elliot and Mo Fayyaz

    They take 1st place in the Visualization Challenge 2010

  68. Andrew Gardner wins Exceptional Service Award


  69. Botany graduate program is highly ranked

    Botany is one of the 23 UW doctoral programs to be ranked highly in a national survey.

  70. Botany professors receive $2.93 million grant

    The NSF awards four Botany professors a grant to study Wisconsin plant diversity.