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Sparganium the bur-reeds: a group of grasslike, aquatic plants with spherical heads of flowers and fruits. Found in wetlands and aquatic habitats across the cool regions of the globe. I study the evolutionary relationships of the 14 (or more) species, and their distributions across gradients in the aquatic environment.


A four-gene molecular phylogeny of Sparganium with molecular dating, biogeographic and character evolution analyses, is presented in

Sulman JD, BT Drew, C Drummond, E Hayasaka and KJ Sytsma. 2013. Systematics, biogeography, and character evolution of Sparganium (Typhaceae): Diversification of a widespread, aquatic lineage. American Journal of Botany 100:10



Cover photo: Sparganium fluctuans (Joshua Sulman)


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New research, new insights into the Sparganium phylogeny:

        Y Ito, N Tanaka, C Kim, RB Kaul, DC Albach.  Phylogeny of Sparganium (Typhaceae) revisited: non-monophyletic nature of S. emersum sensu lato and resurrection of S. acaule  


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In the Works: 


Typhaceae treatment (including Typha and Sparganium) in New Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada – with Galen Smith



Joshua Sulman, M.S.

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