Location Criteria

Place Name:
The search for a specific Place Name needs careful consideration. Specimen labels often have some locality data but there has never been an uniform format. In an attempt to “standardize” these data and therefore increase their accessibility, if a location on the label was specifically within "5 miles of" or "near" the collecting site, the site was then entered in Population Area field in the database. The Population Area field includes cities, villages, townships, rural localities, and major islands. (each with its own standardized spelling as compiled by UW-Madison, Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility). Other site names such as parks, water flowages and bodies, natural features (summits, cliffs, rapids, beaches, etc.), and man-made structures (hospitals, schools, mines, etc.) are standardized only in some cases.

A Place Name search will retrieve matching entries for the entered criteria from the Population Area, Collecting Event (i.e. Flora of Apostle Islands), Site Name, and general location description fields. Criteria entered in the Place Name search are wildcarded at both ends so if the place name occurs anywhere in any of the above fields the results will be returned.

For example: criteria of "Blue Mounds" will result in all records from Blue Mounds village or Blue Mounds Road in Dane County and Blue Mounds State Park or Blue Mounds summit in Iowa County. However it will not match Blue Mound (no "s" at the end),  Blue Mds., or Bluemounds. Therefore the simpler the search criteria the more records will be retrieved.

Township, Range, Section:
Most of Wisconsin (except for certain Tribal lands) was surveyed resulting in a grid of Townships (1-53 going South to North), Ranges (20W-30E), and Sections (1-36: parts of each TR). The Township, Range, and Section criteria are added together by "AND" so that T07N R11E would retrieve only those records having both T07N AND R11E and including all Sections (01-36) of that TR.

Use the dropdown box to select a county name. When a specific county is selected the results of the search will be ONLY those specimens collected from that county. Therefore if Iowa County is chosen in the above example for Blue Mounds; the records from Blue Mounds village and Blue Mound Road will not be retrieved.

Combining the location criteria:
The format of the location search is (((Place Name) OR (Township AND Range AND Section)) AND County).
Example: Place Name criteria = Blue Mound, T06N R05E, and no county: search will retrieve (1)Blue Mounds village Dane Co., (2)Blue Mound summit Iowa Co., (3)Blue Mounds State Park Iowa Co.; (4)Blue Mounds Road Dane Co., AND (5) all records collected from T06N R05E even if "Blue Mound" is not on the specimen label.

If Dane Co. is added to the search then all those records WITHOUT a Place Name but having a Township and Range will NOT be retrieved since R05E is NOT in Dane Co. However those labels with "2miles E of Blue Mounds State Park" in the location description field but Dane County will be displayed since they match both Place Name and County.