Botany class travels to end of the world and back

Chile’s Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia were the destination for ten UW undergraduates, led by Linda Graham, Joy Zedler and Marie Trest (UW Botany), who were joined by two Chilean experts, Patricia Arancibia (PhD from UW, now at Universidad Bio Bio in Conceptión, Chile) and Nicolas Galleguillos (UW MS student) upon arrival in Santiago (8 January 2014).  The Botany 575 students recorded patterns of diversity in wetland and woodland vegetation, for use in developing conservation messages over the spring 2014 semester. In addition to diverse plants (including orchids, alstromerias, and southern beech trees), they saw thousands of penguins, hundreds of guanaco, dozens of Darwin’s rheas (a large flightless bird), and one puma. Upon returning on 18 January, one student summarized the trip in a word:  “Success!”  Travel was subsidized by a generous, anonymous donation to the Botany Department. Read more about the experiences of the instructors and students here


Botany 575 students in Chile