NIC Users: Major and Minor User Labs

Labs Using the Newcomb Imaging Center, 2014-2015


Lab Phone
Ané, Jean-Michel Agronomy 890-0155
Maeda, Hiroshi Botany 262-4288
Gammie, Stephen Zoology 262-3457
Hunt, Chris USDA Forest 231-9521
Gilroy, Simon Botany 262-4008
Krysan, Patrick Horticulture 262-1243
Otegui, Marisa Botany 890-0299
Spalding, Edgar Botany 265-5295
Masson, Patrick Genetics 265-8632
Vierstra, Rick Genetics 262-1622
Bent, Andrew Plant Pathology 265-3034
Fernandez, Donna Botany 265-3404
Allen, Caitilyn Plant Pathology 262-9578
Palacek, Sean Chem. and Biol. Engineering 262-5434
Sussman, Mike Biochemistry 262-1779
Pelegri, Francisco Genetics 265-9286

Should you need training on NIC equipment, please contact the NIC staff.