• Nisa Karimi

    Grad student Nisa Karimi climbs a baobab (Adansonia perrieri) in the Daraina region of northern Madagascar.  Photo: David Baum

  • Sori on the underside of a fern frond

    Sori on the underside of a fern frond.  Photo: Cara Streekstra

  • Dr. Sara Hotchkiss sampling lake sediments for charcoal analysis

    Professor Sara Hotchkiss sampling lake sediments for charcoal analysis.  Photo: Kristin Michels

  • Discovery of new tyrosine pathway enzymes from legumes in the Maeda Lab
  • Oxytropis campestris

    Oxytropis campestris var. chartacea, a legume that is endemic to a handful of lakes in Wisconsin
    photo: John Zaborsky

Birge Hall  Birge Hall, home of the Botany Department


  1. Pringle travels to New Zealand to talk about invasive fungi

    Anne Pringle recently attended a workshop on invasive fungi in Christchurch, New Zealand, where she began collaborations with New Zealand scientists to explore dynamics of invasive pathogens and mutualists, including the mycorrhizal species Amanita muscaria, which is spreading through New Zealand with wilding pines.
  2. Two Botany winners in the 2016 Cool Science Images contest!

    Sarah Swanson (Newcomb Imaging Center) and Duncan Smith (McCulloh Lab) are among this year's awardees.
  3. This Mushroom Starts Killing You Before You Even Realize It

    Anne Pringle features in this cautionary tale about the death cap mushroom.

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